When installing elements which have direct contact to the ground we recommend our local concrete construction.


local concrete constrcution

Especially for outdoor areas or for public projects we recommend our local concrete constrcutions.

In using this method the whole skatepark is constructed with different concrete elements. The installation of the setup is done locally, because in doing so one can highly take the local environment into consideration. Besides, this is the only method to construct a park in one pour with smooth transitions.   

By using this method the constructors as well as the riders are offered many new opportunities because using concrete enables us to create any imaginable form.

Concrete constructions make it possible to realize an optimal fitting of the setup and the local topography. One can use inclined levels as well as plain ones. The individual design of our setup is strongly integrated in the environment. 

Another advantage of the presented method is its enormous long lasting structure and its stability against vandalism.
Because of this feature concrete constructions find favour with many communities at the moment. 


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