It is not always possible to realize complete skatepark-concepts. Therefore we also offer to extend your skatepark with seperate parts.

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Pyramides have become a fixd element of nearly any skateboarding, BMX, Pitbike and MTB setup. Especially for street orientated setups pyramides are best fitting because they can be integrated as a central element where any rider of the mentioned sports can perform a high varity of tricks.

Camp Ramps develpoed pyramides in any form, height and construction. A pyramide can be installed in combination with a ledge or a handrail for example. The installation of jumpbox elements and a set of stairs is also possible. This would make the whole setup more attrractive and variable.

Our pyramide constructions are characterized by an innovative and attractive form and a high degree of fun. Any pyramide which was developed by Camp Ramps are of a high quality and very popular.

We only use the best and well chosen material and we put our emphasize on precision during every working process.
For the surfaces we use a special plastic cover that offers optimal grip, a high durabilty and speed and a low risk of injuries.

Be convined by our precious experience and know-how. The rider will appreciate it.

wallrides  -  miniramps  -  pyramides - jumpramps - concrete - parkour GYM - scaffolding system - freerunning - climbing walls