It's not always possible to realize complete skatepark-concepts. We also extend your already existing skatepark with separate elements


wallrides  -  miniramps  -  pyramides - jumpramps



Miniramps can be integrated in different ways into already existing or brand new skatepark-concepts. They provide lots of riding possibilities for the trendsport-sections BMX, MTB and Pitbike.

A miniramp can be installed separately as a single element for example or integrated into a street setup, which offers even more possibilities for the athletes.

Miniramps also can be combined into a complex miniramp-scenery. The use of different radii, heights or additional elements like bowls, hips, wallrides, subrails or ?boxes allows individual, versatile and attractive ramp-sceneries that provide the maximum in creativity for the riders.

Also in the field of miniramps, Camp-Ramps put high value on quality in terms of material and processing. Our experience in designing and realising miniramps of all kind enables us to create concepts that not only provide longevity, but also a high acceptance from the scene itself.

Miniramps are also applicative in the field of presentations. At a miniramp, potential clients can easily see and feel the quality of our products and furthermore can get an impression of the used materials and the way of processing.

wallrides  -  miniramps  -  pyramides - jumpramps - concrete - parkour GYM - scaffolding system - freerunning - climbing walls