It is not always possible to realize complete skatepark-concepts. Therefore we also offer to extend your skatepark with seperate parts.

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Within the last years wallrides have become elementary parts of any skateparkor event-setups. Even in sports like MTB and Pitbike wallrides gained more and more supporters and therefore you find them in most of the new parks.

Wallrides can be integrated in skateparks or event-setups in many ways. They highly increase the number of possible tricks for the riders. 

One can even install wallrides into fixed constrcutions. By doing so the parks are more attractive and moreover one follows the spirit of modern times. 
To give an example; one can easily install a quarter to wallride constrcution which was a quarterpipe before. Now the obstacle is more demanding.

Camp Ramps offers wallrides in any imaginable forms. Whether you want it vertical, or slightly bended or a highly constructed wallride. Nothing is impossible. Whether isolated or in combination with a quarterpipe or a bank as a kicker. We develope the fitting wallrides for any demands.   

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