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We are your professional partner for high quality-funsport facilities for the sports BMX, Skateboard, Le Parkour/Freerunning, MTB, FMX and climbing.

We design and construct customized concepts for you, which not only provide top-of-range materials as well as a perfect finish, but also a high innovation level and absolute acceptance by the athletes. 

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Parkour Halle Regensburg

In Regensburg steht jetzt die erste gemeinnützigen Parkour Halle Deutschlands, auf 300 m² findet ihr einen Foampit, verschieden Blocks, ein Parkour Stangensystem und natürlich ist für euere Sicherheit gesorgt, da die Anlage nach  EN 16899:2015 TÜV geprüft ist. 

Ortbeton Skateanlage Wasserbillig

One awesome day with Camp Ramps at the new concrete skate & bmx bowl / pool in Wasserbillig / Luxemburg.The Camp Ramps crew did a good shotecrete job for all the riders. Please come and ride the biggest bowl from Luxemburg

Skatepark Ginsheim Gustavsburg

Jason Paul Arcade Run

Es ist ein wirklich abgefahrenes Set-Up, in dem Jason Paul und Team Farang hier hochkarätiges Freerunning zeigen. Die Szenerie erinnert an Jump ?n? Run -Klassiker, inszeniert im Gaming-Look in 2D. Jason Paul muss den Weg aus einem Maya-Tempel finden und gegen Ninjas kämpfen, bevor es über den Dächern der Großstadt zum finalen Show-Down mit dem Bösewicht, dem Endboss, kommt. Game Over! Winner: Jason Paul.

Skaterpiste Schuttrange Luxemburg

Ortbeton Skateanlage Minden

Parkour GYM Mumbai / India

Rebeljam 2011 Eindhoven

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Welcome to this years VANS rebeljam street course. This is a rough looking version of this years event set-up.

Of course it´s just a 3D animation and not 100% scaled, the live version will not let you down!

Go to www.rebeljam.com or our Facebook Fanpage for more info

Bike and Skatepark Rearen/Belgien

Ortbeton Skatepark in Baesweiler

BMX Masters 2011

also in 2011 Camp-Ramps will be responsible for the planning and construction of the street course at the BMX Masters in Cologne.

From 8th to 10th of July the biggest BMX-Party of the year once again hits the Jugendpark and the riders can be lookinng forward to a awesome setup, on which the street riders will find endless possibilities and lines.
With an optimized design for more flow the park is now a great combination of classic street elements such as banks, rails, ledges, park obstacles such as quaterpipes, spines, wallrides and a new jumpbox-spine-combo as a spectacular centerpiece. This centerpiece offers unlimited fun and the different hips will motivate the riders to incredible tricks.
Also the rail setup has a new design and there will be a line with ledges, a london gap and a nice rail, followed by a pyramide with bank-to-bank hips and a lot of grinding possibilities. This setup guarantees massive action with transfers and big jumps but also offers technically challenging sections at the same time. The perfect setup for this years' BMX Masters.


Skate- and Bikepark Flensburg


On the street course the already existing jumpbox was extended by a London-gap-hip on its side that makes the obstacle way more interesting.

In the central area of the street course a spectacular spine-jumpbox combo for jumps and transfers of all kind as well as a smaller bank-to-bank-ledge were installed.

The undisputed masterpiece of this construction-phase is of course the huge spine ramp. The dimensions speak for themselves: 10.5 m wide, 2.1 m high + subbox, 23 m long.

This is one of the biggest fixed-installed miniramps in Germany and in the future this ramp will give birth to one or another miniramp-hero and of course be the venue for a lot of great contests and jams.

Big shouts again to the guys around the local Sportpiraten e:V. who made this great and exemplary project possible.

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Testrun on the construction site with Hannu Cools


We are glad to inform you about our successful participation at the IOC/IAKS AWARD 2009 with our Parcour-Gym we build in Mumbai/India. We could stand up to 117 participants of 26 countries with our outstanding design and the precise realisation and won a Special Distinction, which was handed over to us with a medal on the 28.10.2009 in cologne.

Every two years since 1987, the IOC/IAKS AWARD has been commending sports facilities of exemplary design and function. The competition is sponsored by the International Olympic Committee (IOC), Lausanne, and the International Association for Sports and Leisure Facilities (IAKS), Cologne.

If you need more informations about parkour check this -> Parkour

IOC IAKS Award 2009 Parkour Gym Daniel Ilabaca in action

Skatepark Siegen

We pimped the Skatepark in Siegen Eiserfeld in the last days. Now there is a new Jump Box and Spine, which are waiting for you. But there are not just new elements. Local Graffiti artists gave the place a colourful facelift.

BMX goes to India

In line with an advertisement tour of a beverage company Camp-Ramps coordinates the performance of German BMX-Pros in India. There will be 7 Shows in the whole country, from New Dehli over Tachmahal to the border of Pakistan.

BMX is an unknown a poorly developed sport in India, which attraction leads to huge euphoria by the Indians. But see it yourself in the following pictures!

Skate- und Bikepark Goerlitz

Camp-Ramps just finished the skatepark in the historical city Görlitz at the border to Poland. The set-up was build in 3 steps: we started with a big Wallride in 2008, that was followed by a Competition Spine for huge airtime and a Wheelytable high to low for technical stuff in 2009. In spring 2010 we finished the park with an extension of the Wallride. We think the result is quite good.
The local scene brought a lot of energy and motivation into the extension of the park and was a big help for us during the building.
The association Adrenalin e.V. made the whole project happen. Thanks for that!

Parkour Gyms in Mumbai / India

To guarantee the safety of our customer we had maintenance in the Parkour Gym in Mumbai.

As a result of our sustainable work in November 2007, the condition of the gym was very good. So we just removed the holds of the climbing wall, cleaned them and arranged them new. Our customer now will be challenged by 5 new routes, with very different characters!

To make sure that the exhausting Monsun doesn't bother our outdoor-installation on the roof top, we installed a roof on the cage. Furthermore we installed a light-system in the outdoor area to enable training during the night.

After finishing the work we handed the IOC/IAKS AWARD 2009 over to our customer. the IOC/IAKS AWARD has been commending sports facilities of exemplary design and function and is the only award in this category so far.

Skate- und Bikepark Duesseldorf

The skatepark in Düsseldorf Ulenberg Park is finally finished.

We build a huge line of different elements. A big Roll-In gives the speed to jump over a Jump Box with Hip-landing, followed by a Spine with two different height levels. A big Quarter completes the run.

So if you want to ride a excellent set-up with a lot of airtime, meet a really friendly and strong scene and enjoy a perfectly build wooden Skatepark you should come to Düsseldorf!

Bowl-Landschaft Sondershausen


The Opening-Jam in Jena was a big success!

With beautiful weather and a lot of good mood the new skatepark in Jena Germany was dedicated. Many highly motivated Skaters und BMXers were there to rock the setup. We had a Best Trick Contest and the guys really showed their best! Just check the pics to get an idea. Maybe it motivates you to come to Jena yourself. It?s worth it!


News from 18.01.09

After an intensive planning the Camp-Ramps team has successfully realized a unique skate- and bikepark in the city of Sondershausen.On 600 m²an innovative and diversified designed facility over different height levels has been erected, which attracts skilled riders as well as beginners and guarantees long-time fun.The facility includes a challenging bowl-area over different height levels that features elements like hips, corners, wallride, channel/roll in and a mini ramp.The street area is an intelligently planned combination of various street-typical elements like quarterpipes, banks, funbox, ledges, rails and a stairset with a concrete curb in different height levels.A further extension of the setup is already in the planning process.



News vom 28.10.08

Camp Ramps builds the setup for the skate hall Sondershausen!

In Sondershausen a new, exceptional indoor skatepark is going to be realized in the nearer future. Camp Ramps is responsible for the design, planning and the realization of the setup.

Through its open design and its variety in ramp-structures, the skatepark is going to attract Skateboarders and BMX riders of all riding levels at the same time. The setup includes a challenging bowl-area over two height levels with various hips, wallrides and channels as well as a nice street-section with quarterpipes, banks, funbox, ledges and rails.

We are currently working on the first elements for the setup.

Take a look at what we are going to realize there until the end of this year.




-- the new indoor skatepark in germany --

News vom 01.07.08

It?s done! After a sweaty assembly on site at finest weather, the street course of the Suzuki BMX Masters 2008 has been realized by us. 

An absolutely pathbreaking and versatile setup is waiting for the numerous international top-pros of the BMX scene now, who will discover perfect conditions for massive action.

Scores of different ramp-constructions on 3 height levels allow nearly every imaginable trick and great lines.

An innovative quarter-to-curved wallride obstacle called Bronko will attract the rider's attention as well as the huge wave-stepup or the bowl-pyramide.

You see that there are enough reasons to visit also this year's Masters.

Check out our bike- and skatepark building skills yourself.
Take a look at the pics and get an impression!

News from 04.12.07

Dear friends, partners and clients,

after a successful assembly in Mumbai, India, the Camp-Ramps Crew is now back home in Germany.

We have set-up a 3-floors parkour-gym in a private apartment there. After a planning- and preassembly time of several weeks, we, flew to Mumbai at the end of Oktober, where we installed a veritable Parkour-paradise at its finest in 4 weeks.
The gym i.e. contains a 8,0m high climbing wall with different overhangs, a specially designed scaffolding system over 2 floors as well as various training-areas with different fitniss tools, blocks and beams, and our specific
training blocks . On the terrace we build the urban reality area.

To list everything would lead too far.
All worked out well and even the Parkour-pro Daniel Ilabaca, was extremely amazed.
We had a surprising good time in India, but now we are happy to be back, to take care of all your requests. 



News from 29.05.08

Last week we installed a miniramp in Zagreb/ Croatia for a garden exhibition called FloraArt.

The ramp is about 3m wide and 1,20m high. At the exhibition the miniramp is going to be used by skaters for a presentation and a show.

Completely closed and equipped with a precious railing as well as a modern synthetic riding surface, the miniramp captivates by its perfect finish and the high quality of material.

Enough words. Take a look at it yourself:

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