In this area we want to give you a short overview on the various events, Camp-Ramps was involved in as for example:



Already the debut of these BMX and urban sports shows in early 2010 was a great success and the immense crowd thrilled by this totally new experience for most of the spectators.

This year s THUNDER WHEELS events will actually be much bigger: More riders, more events and Parkour as a new part of the show.


High 5 BMX Contest

The High Five Contest for the reopening of the Ulmer Reithalle is over.

At the 26. and 27.September 2009 the Reithalle in Ulm was reinaugurated with a big contest of the Schickaria. The following video shows what the conversion and increments through Camp-Ramps allow. Next to very stylish lines we saw huge tricks of the guys! You better check it yourself!

Railsession at the BMX Worlds

Short edit I filmed at the IMBXFF WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS in Cologne Germany. Featuring Jason Phelan, Paul Ryan and Bruno Hoffman. Jason does a world first uprail to cannonball.

At events professional partners are absolutely essential. Camp-Ramps works also in this field highly reliable and contractually and is already looking back on various successfully realized event-concepts. At event-installations, a detailed calibration of the facility to the event itself is inevitable. The event-installations should always be adapted to the skill level of the riders, and at the same time the show-effect should be kept in mind, for example.

Our experience and the fact, that the client is involved in the planning process, enable us to work out customized concepts for you that will lead your event to the road of success.

For events, Camp-Ramps designs special modular-concepts, where the separate ramps consist of several preassembled modules. This feature makes the event-setup easy to transport and reduces the times for assembly and dismantling of the facility a lot.



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