Suzuki BMX Masters 2008

For the Suzuki BMX Masters 2008 at the Jouthpark Cologne the street parcour from the year 2007 was again creatively upgraded and enhanced by various special constructions.

For example a complete new third level was created, that made the parcour more challenging and versatile.An absolute eye-catcher and a real world novelty in ramp-building was the so called Bronko, a quarterpipe that shaded off into a curved wallride.

The monster, a 4m high curved wallride from last year persisted, but the Step-up has been broadened and equipped with smooth waves.

At the centerpiece, a new pyramide-construction with a bowl on the top has been added, where riders of all skill levels had a lot of fun.

To meet the current trend of high airs, a monstrous vertquarter was installed that motivated the riders to airs at their finest not only at the highest air contest.


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