In this section we would like to inform you about our parkour / freerunning scaffolding system.

The Camp-Ramps scaffolding system

For the field of Le Parkour- and Freerunning, Camp-Ramps has designed a novel scaffolding system, which can be used for different applications and with which complete, individual Le Parkour and Freerunning worlds can be created.

The system can easily and quickly be assembled and is very strong and warp resistant at the same time. Therefore, the system is not only perfect for fixed installations, but also very useful for event-applications as well as for shows and fairs.


Due to the different options in the choice of the material to use, the scaffolding system can be perfectly configured for indoor-, outdoor- and mobile applications. Pipe-elements from stainless steel in combination with connection cubes from aircraft grade aluminium produce an impressive look and are perfect for fixed indoor and outdoor installations. Pipe-elements from aluminium make the system a universal tool for event- and fair-applications.

The scaffolding system is also compatible with lots of different light- and sound- systems and standards for event-purposes, which enables our scaffolding system for this very creative field with lots of possibilities in application.

The connection pipes can be produced in different lengths, which make nearly every imaginable construction possible. Already existing installations can easily be modified by hand, which can be important to adapt the facility to the advance of the athletes without
having to build a completely new installation.

In combination with our wooden and concrete-elements, the Camp-Ramps scaffolding system offers countless possibilities to create your individual Le Parkour- and Freerunning facility.

Our scaffolding systems are compatible with most of the common light-, sound- and event techniques and offer a lot of possibilities to create individual and innovative styles.

If you have questions concerning our products please contact us.