Also for Parkour-events Camp-Ramps is your professional partner. Our experience with events and workshops will lead your event to a full success! An on schedule planning and a perfectly working logistic is for granted as well as a strong cost/performance ratio. Our international involvement in Parkour enables us to book the worlds best performers for your event or workshop.
This is how we create e.g. Parkour-worlds in the form or CI of a product, which still focus on the sport.
We have different event-set-ups for rent. If you have any questions concerning the rent of a Parkour concept just contact us!

Build-up of the Parkour Set-up

Our mobile Parkour rent elements stand out through their well-thought-out conception and remarkable robustness. They can be transported, moved and build up perfectly. This features result in a fast, uncomplicated and professional build-up. The deliberated construction of the Parkour-boxes allows a flexible set-up for every new workshop-stop you have. This guarantees variety and a perfect fit for the particular users. An other important element for the outstanding quality of our Parkour-event set-ups is the scaffolding system, that was developed especially for the Parkour use. On the one hand it is a sportive challenge for the guys and on the other hand it is a basic element in a constructive way.